Realized Its Cold

Today afternoon, temperature of Corvallis, a small town where I stay, was 31F. This temperature is one of the lowest temperature here. This morning I had to wait for the bus for couple minutes, during that time I noticed that its cold today. It didn't rain though. I didn't care to wear enough warm clothing.

We had group meeting and I was the presenter in the meeting. It went well. Then I went to Gilbert (chemistry department building) for new faculty candidate seminar. Dr. Manish Gupta is one of the candidats for new analytical chemistry faculty. PhD from Harvard and Post Doc. from Standford, Dr Gupta seems very cool and his research is interesting. After the seminar, I got a chance to go for lunch with Dr Gupta. We had good conversation. We walked around the campus. After the lunch, I came to my lab, did some lab management work. But couldn't do more. I felt tired. and kinda sick So, came back home early~4.30pm. Heated up my room. Its all right now. I think its because of cold.

To see monthly average temperature and precipitation of Corvallis click here.


Turbocharger makes fast Run

Driving your car in high speed might not be safe all the time but in other side if you do it carefully, its fun. Sometimes your car doesn't run faster as your wish even within the speed limit of the road. Slower vehicle produce more pollutant and consume more fuel.That means you need to speed up.

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PPP approved my post

PayPerPost has approved my first payed post. I am excited about it. The email notification says:

"Hello *******,
This is a notification letting you know that your PayPerPost post, ********** , has been approved. Tell your friends how quick and easy that was!
Thank you,
The PayPerPost Team
If you have any questions or comments regarding this message, please send us a note by clicking on 'Contact Support' at the bottom of any page within your PPP account. Thank you!!
150 N. Orange Ave.
Suite 412
Orlando, FL 32801
Lets see and how it goes!!

Police Gear for Tactical products

I was just browsing internet and suddenly something reminded me 5-6 years back in my country. Young generation used to wear cloths which look like army or police. And while searching such items, I came across a good site which sells good variety of tactical products. LA Police Gear serves the general public, military personnel, security professionals, and of course police officers.They provide varieties of tactical products like tactical pants, footwear,tactical polos, tactical eyewear, tactical shirts, gear bags, jackets and watches and many more. They are also offering the full line of outstanding products produced by Blackhawk Products Group. You can find large selection of gears from Blackhawk CQC Holsters.


Hysplit model useful for back and forward trajectory

Hysplit-Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory Model is a transport and dispersion model developed by Air Resource Laboratory (ARL) of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This model is used to generate trajectories. Both back air trajectory and forward trajectory using meteorological data. I use Hysplit to generate back air trajectories. I am analyzing air samples from Cheeka peak, WA. I wanted to know, which route the air sampled took before reaching the sampling site. And where the sampled air in particular day spend time in 10 days before I trapped it. Hysplit model helps to understand this. Using Hysplit, now I know how many hours my air sample spent in Asia or California or Willamette Valley before coming to pacific north west sampling site.

Details about Hysplit can be found here.

Hysplit forward trajectory is shown in figure on right. Forward trajectories are helpful specially to predict the spread of hazardous material in the atmosphere.


Cheap and High Quality Eyeglasses

Everyone knows eye is an important organ of body. We can't even think how would be our life without eyes and or with poor eyesight. Eyeglasses are normally used for vision correction, eye protection or for protection from UV rays.

While buying eyeglasses I would go for cheaper one, fashionable and stylish one. A combination of these things. Its a matter of our health concern. So you want to buy safe and comfortable having high quality, durable and in reasonable price.

You can find eyeglasses which are safe and high quality but you have to compromise with the price. They are expensive. If you are worried about this then here is a happy news. No more expensive eyeglasses. Zenni Optical provides high quality eyeglasses in less price. It has revolutionized the eyeglass market.

Zenni Optical uses latest modern materials, manufacturing and marketing systems. It sells its products directly from its factories to the customers. The cost is minimized by no middlemen, no retail overhead, and practically no advertising budget. That's why eyeglasses from Zenni Optical are cheaper.

You can buy 1.57 high index lens complete prescription eye glasses from just $8.00 online.They have a huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sun sensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens.

Enjoy it.


"Brainy Kids Live Longer"

Studies have shown the relationship between intelligence and mortality. I was excited to read an article in Nature about why do intelligent people live longer? People's rankings on intelligence tests show high stability across almost the whole lifespan, are substantially heritable and are associated with important life outcomes — including educational achievements, occupational success and morbidity and mortality.

The article talks four explanations about this.

First: intelligence is associated with more education, and thereafter with more professional occupations that might place the person in healthier environments.

Second: people with higher intelligence might engage in more healthy behaviors. Evidence is accruing that people with higher intelligence in early life are more likely to have better diets, take more exercise, avoid accidents, give up smoking, engage in less binge drinking and put on less weight in adulthood.

Third: mental test scores from early life might act as a record of insults to the brain that have occurred before that date.

Fourth: mental test scores obtained in youth might be an indicator of a well-put-together system. It is hypothesized that a well-wired body is more able to respond effectively to environmental insults.

But above evidences don't necessarily explain the intelligence and mortality to all people. There are many others factors to be explained, in my opinion.

To read full article in nature please click on the link.

Asian brown cloud danger

The regional haze, known as atmospheric brown clouds, contributes to glacial melting, reduces sunlight, and helps create extreme weather conditions that impact agricultural production, according to the report commissioned by the U.N. Environment Program.

Caused by the burning of fossil fuels, wood and plants, the brown clouds also play a significant role in exacerbating the effects of greenhouse gases in warming up the earth's atmosphere.

more on ABC here.


You are the analytical thinker

After answering some questions, I got following result from The Ultimate Personality Quiz in Facebook I am surprised by the result.

"Your talent and creativity are obvious to those around you. You appreciate beauty and are sensitive to the feelings of others. You scheduled, organized life matches your need for order. Although you make friends cautiously, you are faithful and dedicated to those you have. Your suspicions and insecurities are not unfounded and are sometimes misinterpreted as being self-centered. But, have these people seen the news lately?"

I think some thing is true there.


BASANT is candidate for Presidential Election 2008

While Obama and McCain are working hard in lthe ast hour of the election campaign 2008, people are looking for some other candidates as well. Some people think both Obama and McCain are not different fundamentally and they are fade up with their speeches, TV talks and campaign materials. So they started talking on online chat for finding one candidate who is unkown to most of the voters. With so much at stake, there is one candidate that may be able to make the difference. He is Mr Basant Giri. Now he is getting popularity in News channels. Giri has surprised both Democrats and Republicans with a grass roots effort. This candidate has made many wonders.

Don't you believe this?

Just click on the this link and watch news about him on News 3 Channel

Enjoy it.