Realized Its Cold

Today afternoon, temperature of Corvallis, a small town where I stay, was 31F. This temperature is one of the lowest temperature here. This morning I had to wait for the bus for couple minutes, during that time I noticed that its cold today. It didn't rain though. I didn't care to wear enough warm clothing.

We had group meeting and I was the presenter in the meeting. It went well. Then I went to Gilbert (chemistry department building) for new faculty candidate seminar. Dr. Manish Gupta is one of the candidats for new analytical chemistry faculty. PhD from Harvard and Post Doc. from Standford, Dr Gupta seems very cool and his research is interesting. After the seminar, I got a chance to go for lunch with Dr Gupta. We had good conversation. We walked around the campus. After the lunch, I came to my lab, did some lab management work. But couldn't do more. I felt tired. and kinda sick So, came back home early~4.30pm. Heated up my room. Its all right now. I think its because of cold.

To see monthly average temperature and precipitation of Corvallis click here.

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