Prachanda to Stalin

This art is a copy from nepalitimes.

The first photo is 100% Prachanda and the last one is 100% Stalin. Prachanda is chairman of the communist party of Nepal (maoist). His party became largest party in the recently held constitutional assembly election first meeting of which decided to dispose the 240 year old monarchy. Under his leadership his party faught peoples war (in their own word) for 10 years and they are in peaceful politics for last 2 years. His party's name is given from Mao Zedong, Chinese Communist leader. And his party's political line is Maxism, Leninism, Maoism and Prachandapath. There is no Stalin.

Stalin was Soviet Union leader from in different positions from1922 until his death in1953. In this era he is known as a dictator who is responsible for the killing of thousands of people. So when you talk about Stalin, you are talking about communist dictatorship. Stalin claimed his policies were based on Marxism-Leninism. Now his political and economic system is referred to as Stalinism. Maoists, anti-revisionists and some others say he was actually the last legitimate Socialist leader in the Soviet Union's history.(see wikipedia)

In Nepal as Moists are gaining power, leading next government, many people in and out of the country are worried about how they will rule the country-the one of the poorest country in the world. What will happen about the human rights, press freedom and how about economic policies?

The art above gives a fear about totalitarian rule by maoists headed by Prachanda. Thats why it compares Prachanda with Stalin. Its early to say about economic and other policies. we have to wait to see it. But one thing is clear. They know that Mao time or Stalin time communist rule in 21 century Nepal is not possible. They have assured press freedom, right to keep personal property and even they have expressed their support for free trade economy. They have accepted world bank (which many communists parties around the world don't accept). So if they are true to their statements, sayings then the comparison of Prachanda to Stalin is just a comparison. Again people have to wait and see in practice.


  1. how is it possible for Stalin to become leader from "1994 to 1953"?

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