"An interface has too many methods to fire events from...."

I have been having problem with mpg video files. I want to edit these files and I am using windows movie maker (wmm) program to do this. This is not working. After googling came to know that wmm is not compatible with mpg files. I changed the mpg to wmm compatible files like avi and tried again. Same error message again.

The message says: "An interface has too many methods to fire events from".

Honestly I don't understand what does this mean. I googled it and found same suggestions like I tried before. Didn't work. Recently I bought a Sony DCR-SR45 camcorder. But what is the meaning of having such device (expensive for me) if I can't edit the video clips and make my own movie? If you have any suggestion please let me know.


  1. man I bought a DCR SR62 this summer and I could edit videos fine on my mom's old slow computer, running xp. I bought a new computer, also xp, and I can't edit the videos... I have the same error message as you do. I have two other editing softwares on this computer, Ulead and another one... they accept the video, but it doesn't have sound... I haven't tried cutting and pasting the shots yet, but I'll assume it'll work. the tech guy at my parents business say that it should be the codecs.

    also somehow after a long time of waiting and trying different things ONE video came up and is readily available to edit... I don't understand, because all the other video files are exactly the same, but don't work...

    I think on this computer though I connected the camera before using the setup disk provided, so I tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling it, but that didn't work... so I'm stuck for solutions too...

  2. Same problem with Sony DCR SR45, I am not able to edit movie on windows movie maker.... !!!!


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