Comparison betn Western and Asian life

Received in a forwarded email and thought to share here. I think some of them are really true. Way of life.
Blue:Western, Red: Asian


B:  Talk to the point
R:  Talk around the circle, especially if different opinions


Random Collection: More Paintings by Barun

Previous posting about Barun's paintings can be viewed by clicking here. This time few painting/drawings by Barun from different categories/techniqes are pulled out randomly from his collection. I may have different perception and understanding about these art works than the artist. You may have different opinion. You are welcome to express your opinion on comment section below.

Person with long beard is hanged on the electricity tower as Jesus was hanged centuries ago. One is ready to give him electric shock and next has pistol on his hand to shoot him. How do you best describe this scene?


One Hour in Hot Spring @ Saratoga, WY

On Saturday (01/09/11) afternoon I spent about an hour in hot water spring located at Saratoga in Carbon county of WY. Even though there are over fifty identified hot water springs (tatopani) in Nepal, I have never been to any of them. There is a popular saying in Nepali. "Najik ko dewata lai hela" meaning we don't pay attention even to god if it is close to our place. This might be true in my case and there were many reasons for not visiting such touristic places in Nepal. This time I managed to visit tatopani kunda in Saratoga with few friends.

Water of the spring was very hot. It took me a while to be able to go into the water. I don't know the exact temperature of the water at that time. Some of the hot water bathers were guessing the temperature about 130 degree F. Water close to the source of spring was hotter then towards the exit. Later on I enjoyed sitting on the hot water. Because of the steam coming out from the hot water, it looked like smoky. Water was little bit dirty with some alga and some other plants (I don't know what species exactly they are). The hot water pond was smelling something like sulfur or hydrogen sulfide gas. The spring must have contained sulfur. It was very good experience of such kind.


Some Oil Paintings

In this post I am presenting you some oil paintings by Barun Pokharel. I know him since he came to Kathmandu after SLC. He has great passion on painting. Now he is doing BFA at Korea National University. He can be contacted at artdebarun@hotmail.com. He would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

Rato bhale


Football (Soccer) before Arctic Blast: Below Freezing Point

It was last Sunday. Temperature of the day was ~ 14F. It was not that bad, if we compare the temperature of the same place in recent days. When everyone was inside their warm home celebrating vacation time with friends and family, we (Nepalese community in Laramie) choose to celebrate new year by playing outdoor football.

Venue: Curt Gowdy lake.
Elevation: 7,041 feet (2,146 meters)
Temp: 14oF

It was very cold. The game was played for half an hour. Undergrads played against grads and they secured  2 goals over 1. It was very fun although we couldn't play longer coz of cold.


Ice Fishing: New Adventure In New Place

Ice fishing was totally a new experience to me. I remember my school science class where we had to asnwer a question like this-"Why can fish survive in a frozen lake? If I remember correctly, this question was important question. We knew the answer. But we didn't have the chance to see even in photo or in video. Today I had gone to Curt Gowdy lake, WY with friends. The lake was totally frozen with ~1.5 feet ice. It was very exciting and adventurous moment for me.

Curt Gowdy lake was full of ice on its surface. Ice on the lake was transparent.