Random Collection: More Paintings by Barun

Previous posting about Barun's paintings can be viewed by clicking here. This time few painting/drawings by Barun from different categories/techniqes are pulled out randomly from his collection. I may have different perception and understanding about these art works than the artist. You may have different opinion. You are welcome to express your opinion on comment section below.

Person with long beard is hanged on the electricity tower as Jesus was hanged centuries ago. One is ready to give him electric shock and next has pistol on his hand to shoot him. How do you best describe this scene?

 love, fire, gun, warning and what else?

and what about this?

I could barely see a woman. What do you see in this painting?


  1. I like the first painting first. Its a big satire. I hope no body will start buring and vandalizing because of that painting.

    In a separate note:
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