Some Pictures from Salt Lake City, Utah

Temple Square
I have mentioned about our (research group) trip to Salt Lake City, Utah early this month in earlier posts. The trip was purely for the conference. We normally used to go to the convention center early in the morning and back to the hotel in the evening. Didn't have much time to go around the city. Weather didn't favor outdoor visits. However, we went around the downtown SLC epecially to look for food. I will possibly write another post about search of good food in SLC. In this post I am sharing some of the pictures from SLC.


Thanksgiving with Goat instead of Turkey: Old Thankgsgiving pics

Thanksgiving Dinner 2007, at Jill's house
Turkeys are cooked specially in Thanksgiving day. I had written about my experience on Thanksgiving festival in my previous post. You can read that here. I relate this festival to Dashain in Nepal. In Thanksgiving people go to their family's house (mom's or dads or both's house) or friends house and eat Turkey meat. 

In past years some local American families used to invite international students. I had attended couple of such invitations and had celebrated Thanksgiving with those families. Last year I was in Nepal this time so didn't have chance to celebrate it. This year I didn't get any invitation. So, instead of Turkey we decided to have goat meat. Today we brought goat meat. Goat meat is special. You can read about this in my previous post here.

Just to remembere the old thanksgiving days I am putting some pictures here.


Pedometer on my belt Read 6499 in 8 hrs

In the AIChem meeting in Salt Lake City, I got a free pedometer given by Generic Drugs. Walking around different venders at the conference, this was one of the free items I had in my bag. I never had such device and had no idea about it before. So just googled it today. It is a step counter device. It counts how many steps a person takes. It measures the motion of persons hip. See details in wiki.

I put it on my belt at around 12.30pm and checked at 8.30pm. It showed 6499. I don't believe that it really measures the steps you take accurately. But I found this device is very sensitive to motion. So even with a small disturbances around the belt gives a false sense to it. Medical professionals recommend ~10000 steps each day. I think I met this criteria.

I am active enough to stay healthy. Such device to monitor my steps not necessary day to day so didn't use later on.

Do you use pedometer or have ever used before?


हाम्रा'त हिउं पर्यो,तपाइका तिर नि?

ढोका उघारै राखेर बाहिरको द्रिस्य 
अस्ति देखि यो सिजन को हिउं पर्‍यो हाम्रो ठाउँ तिर। अब पुरै सेतै भा'छ। भन्नेले त यो ठाउंमा बर्षका प्रत्यक मैना (महिना) नै एक न एक पटक हिउं पर्छ भन्थे तर यसपाली त्यो रेकर्ड तोडियो। सेप्टेम्बरमै पर्ने हिउं बल्ल नोभेम्बर को दोस्रो हप्ता मात्रै पर्यो। अस्ति सल्ट लेक सिटी पुग्दा त्यहाँ पनि हिउ पर्या थ्यो तर अडिन सकेन। सँग संगै परेको लारामीको हिउ भने मजाले बसी रा' रैछ। गाउ नै सेतै बनाउदै। अनी आज राती पनि फेरि परेछ। आज ब्यानै उठेर बाहिर हेर्दा त पुरै परि सकेको अनी अली अली पर्दै पनि गरेको। रमाइलो लाइ'रा' छ।  बिदुर को नयाँ क्यमेरा ले फोटो खिचेर यहाँ टास्या छु है त। 


Travelling to Salt Lake City This Week

While all Nepalese are celebrating Tihar (today is bhaitika), I am travelling to Salt Lake City (SLC) in Utah. I will be participating in a conference (American Institute of Chemical Engineer's 10th annual meeting)-10 AIChE. This meeting has started today and will conclude on Friday. But we will reach there tonight and will be back on Thrusday. We are driving ~400miles one way. It will be a good opportunity for me to see whats going on around my research field by more than 5,000 attendees comprised of students, academic professionals, and Industry professionals from across the spectrum of the chemical engineering profession.

This is the first time I will be visiting SLC which hosted 2002 winter olympic. So I will try to explore the town. I will bring some photographs of SLC, write my experiences and will try to share with you.