Thanksgiving with Goat instead of Turkey: Old Thankgsgiving pics

Thanksgiving Dinner 2007, at Jill's house
Turkeys are cooked specially in Thanksgiving day. I had written about my experience on Thanksgiving festival in my previous post. You can read that here. I relate this festival to Dashain in Nepal. In Thanksgiving people go to their family's house (mom's or dads or both's house) or friends house and eat Turkey meat. 

In past years some local American families used to invite international students. I had attended couple of such invitations and had celebrated Thanksgiving with those families. Last year I was in Nepal this time so didn't have chance to celebrate it. This year I didn't get any invitation. So, instead of Turkey we decided to have goat meat. Today we brought goat meat. Goat meat is special. You can read about this in my previous post here.

Just to remembere the old thanksgiving days I am putting some pictures here.

Thanksgiving Dinner 2008, Albany. With the host family
Thanksgiving 2008 - The Turkey
2008 Thanksgiving was also an opportunity to learn how to use guns.

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