Pedometer on my belt Read 6499 in 8 hrs

In the AIChem meeting in Salt Lake City, I got a free pedometer given by Generic Drugs. Walking around different venders at the conference, this was one of the free items I had in my bag. I never had such device and had no idea about it before. So just googled it today. It is a step counter device. It counts how many steps a person takes. It measures the motion of persons hip. See details in wiki.

I put it on my belt at around 12.30pm and checked at 8.30pm. It showed 6499. I don't believe that it really measures the steps you take accurately. But I found this device is very sensitive to motion. So even with a small disturbances around the belt gives a false sense to it. Medical professionals recommend ~10000 steps each day. I think I met this criteria.

I am active enough to stay healthy. Such device to monitor my steps not necessary day to day so didn't use later on.

Do you use pedometer or have ever used before?

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