Some Pictures from Salt Lake City, Utah

Temple Square
I have mentioned about our (research group) trip to Salt Lake City, Utah early this month in earlier posts. The trip was purely for the conference. We normally used to go to the convention center early in the morning and back to the hotel in the evening. Didn't have much time to go around the city. Weather didn't favor outdoor visits. However, we went around the downtown SLC epecially to look for food. I will possibly write another post about search of good food in SLC. In this post I am sharing some of the pictures from SLC.
Inside Temple Square
Temple Sqare is the most tourist visited places in SLC. It is located in the heart of downtown SLC. This place has some mormon temples. Mormon is considered as a seperate religion very close to Chritianity and have unique way of life and beliefs. Mormon temples are unique in artitechture and can be identified from far away by looking at the top. Utah has largest Mormon population in the US.

Downtown SLC welcoming us
Salt Palace Convention Center, which was not big enough to handle ~5000 participants of the convention.
Many sessions were carried out at near by Hilton Garden hotel

The University of Utah, one of the best Universities in the US.
Chemistry Prof. from this university has got  2009 Chemistry  Nobel Prize.
I went to visit the campus and to see my friend Dr. Badu who is working as post-doctoral research associate there.
Dr. Badu in his office. Outside view was beautiful

First snow fall of the season started in the same week. This pic was taken as we were heading back to Laramie.
Mountains surrounding the city looked breathtaking with snow covering them.
And, last
This was inside the Hotel we stayed for 4 nights. I was also working on my project report for CHEM5200 class.

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