Exploring "good food" in Salt Lake City

This is the last post covering my latest trip to Salt Lake City (SLC). In this post, I am writting my experience on explorring some good food in SLC. 

We reached SLC on Sunday night and had dinner already on the way at Rock Spring. Next day morning after spending morning time listening some talks we entered into Olive Garden which was very close to the Hilton Garden IN. This was the first time I was in Italian restaurent. Couple of years back I had home made Lasagna in one Prof's house in Corvallis. This time I had Chicken Alfredo. This lunch item was very good. It was of my taste. It comes with grilled chicekn tossed with some Italian sause and pasta. Price and amount of food was perfect for lunch. I will definitely try similar items in future.

Vietnamese Rice-Noodle Soup

Our group wanted not to try the same type of food. In the evening, we went to the Vietnamese restaurant which is close the the University of Utah campus proximity. It is called Indochine Vietnamese Bistro. Whenever I go to restaurents representing countries from south east Asia, I like to have noodles. This time I tried national food of Vietnam-the rice noodle soup with chicken. It was good. The interesting thing I tried this time was using chopstick. I didn't know how to this tool before and still don't know. But used that time. Tristan, one of my labmates did a trick to the chopstick. Using a rubber band and a piece of paper he modified it so that I could use it. See this pic on twitpic to know how to use like me. It was an amaging trick that I didn't have to use fork at all. That was awsome.

Brazilian Grill
Lunch Plate at Brazilian Grill
Another food we tried was from Brazil. This was the first time I tasted south American food in my life. Items in the lunch plate looked similar to that we generally have in our regular meal i.e. rice, beans, vegetable curry, meat, some salad. The extra they had was the bread. This restaurant is in downtown SLC. It worths what it takes for lunch. We also had lunch at Chinese restaurent close to Salt Palace Convention center and Hilton Garden in. I am not able to recall the name of the restaurent. I just had fried chicken rice that time. This is what I do in Chinese and Japanese restaurents. I don't like the sause they use in their most of the food items. We also went to one Indian restaurant which is located far from downtown (~14 miles). That was also good. And last day dinner was the Crown Burger. This burger is special to SLC. Everyone wants to have it when in SLC. We also did the same. I liked the burger which I normally don't prefer. Trying different food in a new place was fun and it turned out that we made right choice.

Naoki with his CrownBurger

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