Barun's Paintings-Part 3 Nepali life

Taking shower in natural water fall. I am not sure this happens in Nepal in pubpic place? It might be possible in really remote areas.


Around Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Initial plan was to go to Yellostone National Park during second weekend of August but we had to cancel that trip in the last moment. On the same day we planned for one night camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. In a short notice more than two dozens Nepali in Laramie became ready for the trip and went togather. We started our trip late in the evening and reached in the destination around 1am in the midnight. This was a different experience for everyone, I guess. Night was little bit cold.
Team LARAMIE at Camping site


Second Time in Vedauwoo Rocks: Didn't climb the rocks this time

This time the visit to Vedauwoo rocks was for ACS (american chemical society)'s picnic organized by its local committee. Most of the participants were chemistry faculties from UW, from local community college and chemistry graduate students. 

Vedauwoo Rock inside Medicine Bow forest

These rocks are famous for rock climbing


Welcome Picnic at Labonte Park, Laramie, WY

We had a picnic yesterday to welcome new students and their family at the University of Wyoming organized by Friends of Nepal at UW (FNUW). It was a great get-together with delicious food items prepared by community members. Below is the video from the program. Enjoy the video.

Part One

Welcome programs like this one make significant difference specially for those who have just come to foreign land and have started feeling home sick. I remember similar situation when I first came to the USA. Here in Laramie, FNUW organizes welcome events twice a year. One in Fall and second in Winter. I was welcomed "officially" by FNUW in last January. Home sick is reliefed to some extent by meeting Nepalese people, talking in Nepali and eating home made Nepali food.

Part Two

FNUW Welcome Picnic Fall2010, Laramie, WY-Part 2 from Naya Lahure on Vimeo.