Around Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado

Initial plan was to go to Yellostone National Park during second weekend of August but we had to cancel that trip in the last moment. On the same day we planned for one night camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. In a short notice more than two dozens Nepali in Laramie became ready for the trip and went togather. We started our trip late in the evening and reached in the destination around 1am in the midnight. This was a different experience for everyone, I guess. Night was little bit cold.
Team LARAMIE at Camping site

We camped in the vicinity of Granby Lake. The campging grounds were not very natural. There is highway nearby and in the night as well we were able to hear the noise of traffic. That was not what I wanted. There was no wilderness.
Morning Coffee at Camping site
Next morning after spending some time in Grand Lake we headed towards Estates Park. This is a small beautiful town. We just passed through this town and it looked very attractive. This is one of my future destinations for at least one night. We crossed highest points of the Rocky mountain through highway 34. Driving on this road itself was a challenge and was dangerous. If one does a simple mistake his/her life could end right there. However the scenary around it we could see was beautiful, magestic and breathtaking..... This reminds me the landscape we have in Nepal. They have built roads to such remote locations just for recreational purpose.
The road seen is HW34
The HW 34 goes like this. Vehicles are stopped in this particular place for sight scene.
Flwer in Granby Lake
Another beautiful flower
After couple of weeks when snow starts to cover this region, whatever you see is white. It would even be more beautiful to go around this place. Roads are the only things which are different than rest. I would love to visit the same place again during winter. Lets see when it going to be happened.

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