Second Time in Vedauwoo Rocks: Didn't climb the rocks this time

This time the visit to Vedauwoo rocks was for ACS (american chemical society)'s picnic organized by its local committee. Most of the participants were chemistry faculties from UW, from local community college and chemistry graduate students. 

Vedauwoo Rock inside Medicine Bow forest

These rocks are famous for rock climbing

Vedauwoo is the one of the most visited recreational area here. The place was packed with weekend camping people. We just had picnic, it was free. Free food. Always good. Specially for (poor) graduate students. 
Raj, Ling and Urice
First time I did horrible rock climbing and was able to climb upto the summit of the rock. You can read that here. Now I regret that the unplanned and unsafe climbing.
Enjoying the moment
Few trees, many rocks and couple of Chemists. Ling(Chinese), Me and Urice (Camerunian)

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