Climbing on Vedauwoo rocks: thrilling experience

We visited Vedauwoo, one of the outdoor recreational places in Wyoming. It is famous for rock climbing and is ~16 miles from the place where we live. Saturday afternoon I was waiting for a call from Rajan to go to school. I got a call from him but not for going to school rather going to Vedauwoo. So, this plan was NOT planned. There were ~15 people, all Nepalese, in the trip. After reaching to the parking place, we decided to go for hiking.

Climbing up to the rock was also un-planned. Step by step we went towards top. It was a wonderful view to look at down, exciting and challenging too. It reminded my childhood. We used to go to jungle for grass and firewood. One route for us was close but very steep naked hill (I can't recall the name of the hill now). We had to go up and down every other day. Besides this, I have not tried rock climbing. I had one hour indoor rock climbing training at OSU which had yielded scar on my left hand. Let me go back to Vedauwoo climbing. This place has big rocks, very rough, sitting on each other. We had to walk on the steep rock surfaces. One of the most difficult, very challenging and scary points was very close to the summit. Anyhow we reached to this point. When I looked down from this point I felt like climbing from that particular route was a wrong decision.

Going up from this point is very steep rock, nothing to rely on. We thought of giving up and get back from same route. This was the point equivalent to 8800m for Mt Everest. A single wrong decision while walking on such rock would most probably take our life. We didn't have safety equipment, rescue team or anything. Couple of team members were on slippers. From this point I was just behind Prakriti. While she was on her way up, she felt like she lost control on her feet and palms and started crying to get help. Rajan offered his hand to pull her up. In the transition time her hands lost contact with rock. That was the scariest moment I saw. Finally we reached to the summit. That was the happiest moment. It was like we reached to the Mt Everest summit. Again, looking back to the way we came to the summit was very scary. Nothing happened to all team members. Everyone was back safe.

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