Diarrhea travels from Nepal to the US: my story

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When you have just traveled long journey with time difference 13 hours, obviously you suffer from jet lag. As I returned from Nepal last week after spending one month vacation time, jet lag is still not away from me. This morning I wake up at 4.00am which is very unusual in my regular schedule. This hampers my regular work. Not only this, I am also suffering from Diarrhea since last Wednesday which further reduces my ability to work.

While returning back to USA via Cathay Pacific air, they served Chinese food which included rice, beef, some salad etc. The food was ok for me. NP: I have never eaten beef if know it. But that time I knew it. Beef cooked in Chinese style. For the second meal they were serving cup noodle. Like others I also grabbed one cup, it was not good and threw half of it. Immediately after this cup noodle, I started vomiting in the plane. My goodness I managed to do in the toilet. I did it twice. Oh!!! one more time when the plane was landing in LA. So altogether 3 times. Last vomiting was on the paper bag because nobody was allowed to stand and move during landing time. Side by side of vomiting, loose stool started. i e Diarrhea!! oh my god! what the heck is this. Tired from 36 hours journey, vomiting, diarrhea, all works on the port of entry, long line on United Air counter for Boarding pass to Portland.

Any way finally I arrived to my apartment on Wednesday at 11 pm. I would like to thank Yan Hu, my lab mate who picked me up from book store to apartment. Ok, back to Diarrhea. Vomiting stopped. But still now Diarrhea is with me.

There were two possibilities for this. First would be the food poisoning in the plane and second would be the common cause it was planted in Nepal and growing up now. First reason is not true because according to a doctor, I consulted yesterday told me that Diarrhea due to food poisoning doesn't last for such one week long period. So second possibility is strong. But know body knows exactly.

I go to toilet 4-5 times in 24 hours which is not that bad in terms of frequency. Watery stool. I lost my hunger. And becoming weak. Doctor has suggested me just take enough fluid and immediate medicine is not necessary. Although I can take Imodium. I am not taking any medicine. We are trying to figure out the cause of Diarrhea: virus, bacteria or parasites? Lab personals are testing stool samples. Lets see.

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