Yoga, Gymnastics, Acrobatics and Fun!!!!!!!!

Most of the Kollywood (Nepali) movies are copied from Bollywood and on the other side Bollywood movies are copied from Hollywood. This is the trend. I don't know from where Hollywood movies are copied. Copy-in the sense of the story!

Oh, no I am not talking about movies. I have been watching Beijing Olympics games these days. Gymnastics, swimming, beach volleyball etc games are my favorites. Gymnastic fascinates me. Inspired from this I am putting some acrobatics photos of mine in this post. Another inspiration is from this blog.

Its not professional. Just for fun. These photos were taken during my last weekends trip to Marys peak. And today I thought its fun to post these pics here.

Place is beautiful. Ok, lets start from stretching hands.

Stretching hands (same thing) at different places.

Jumping. Its not easy to capture such images. My friend had to take many snaps just to take this pic. I remember one my friends (Suva), who always jumps and asks me to take his picture of the moment. This shot was taken by the inspiration from Suva.

Kinda yoga. Stretch your hands on the ground and ..............which asan is this?

legs and hands up while body is horizontal on the ground.

And this.........................?

One more.............................

At the last beautiful landscape at the Marys peak. Peace on your mind.

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