Quandary on Learning English

MP Kharel, Kathmandu

(Mr. Kharel is author of Pustanter, novel in Nepali. Here, he shares his feelings on learning English and becoming writer.)
Sometimes I contemplate for a moment on the current fad of learning English. In his article, The Lure of English, our English guru Abhi Subedi writes the cause of this vogue:" It looks as though English is the only language that can put ideas across the political spectrum of the region and the world(Katmandu Post: Aug, 2oo9)." "The much hyped hobnobbing of Nepali politicians, army elite and diplomats, he further sounds, has become possible only through English." Besides, my many friends, who are studying abroad, suggest making me better English writing and speaking, otherwise my passion of postgraduate and doctorate mission may be an unprofitable and futile in the forthcoming days.
Veritably, this current fad of learning English has also profusely stirred up me. Before four years, I was laxity to rectify my English. I was only gladdened in juvenile Nepali writings. My articles, stories and other literary creations were published in Nepali language. Nepali is my mother tongue. In addition, my strong credential in mother tongue can not be erased. All my progressions in my life are corroborated by Nepal and her cultures. I have incalculable and immeasurable love on my mother tongue, but my vivacious manner of learning outlandish language and culture never grant permission to be a stickler only on one language and culture. But one mammoth complicatedness has arisen in front of me in the case of either to continue in bulky Nepali writing or slowly and gradually to jump into English. Nowadays, frequently, I become a mute spectator while my intimates and well-wishers inquire me to have become underground in the Nepali writing field .But my conviction is still alive: I can not abstain from reading and writing customary because writing is an infinite credential of any creator and academician. Besides, reading is a catalyst of this creation and scholarly business.
I put this quandary with a Nepali academician, someday ago, but his cursory clichΘ was sounded:" Nothing is impossible in the world; you can emphasis on both languages equally". His reaction was not, in real sense, my panacea of all headaches and bellyache of this predicament.
Since four years, I am dogged on to get better in English. Sometimes, I have a feel of pride on gradually rectifying English reading and writing accomplishment. But sometimes I sense I am still in the nadir of this comprehensive business. Someday, Rajendra Sharma's experience caused me a startle on this transaction. Mr. Sharma is not an executive director of radio Nepal, but also deserves the ten years' teaching experience of English in Tribhuvan University. When he enrolled in Maryland University of United States on journalism course, then he became disillusionment of his learned English. Sharing his bitter experience of that plight, he says, "Beginning of the two months, my nearly drop of tear liked to be fallen from my eyelash (Annapurna Post: Sept 1, 2009)". Some month ago, Nepal- born renowned English author, Samrat Upadhyay had delivered a speech on creative writing in Kathmandu. His striking and impressive these words were also another warning of writing skill: "English writing is not a cakewalk, but a vigorous task".
Sometimes I ponder on the cause of complexity in outlandish language .I assume I was born in remote area of this country-Sworgadwari; Pyuthan.I had begun to learn English alphabet ABC...only in class four and completed in class five. But in private school, English alphabets are taught in nursery class and these private school students are faster acclimated than in Nepali alphabet. I feel bewilder when I glance at private school curriculum of class four and five. There is immense cleft between private and public school. Such demarcation has also brought an uncomfortable, I really chew over.
Today, while reading, I encountered with American philosopher and poet R.W. Emersion's maxim: "Language is a city, to the building of which every being brought a stone." At this juncture, a linguist ST Immant comments:" How true of English! It has words gathered from all ages, all lands and all climes..."Learning and reciting the words from all ages, all lands and all climes is, in practical life, like a jumping onwards the Gordian knot of this practicality. Several nights, when I lie down on the bed, I began to mull over to cut this Gordian knot .At the same time, recollection of senior author, Khagendra Sangraula-before two years I had met him privately and I had put the question to improve writing-popped in my psyche. He had uttered: "Kharel bhai, adroiting the language is not an overnight task, but it carries on so protracted age...I had devoted more than forty-five years to adroit my Nepalese language. If you desire to pen in English, or in any outlandish language, there needs moreover industry than a native author."
Learning this nitty-gritty of my brain-teaser-in real sense, my empirical knowledge has imparted me a hefty quandary-I am not still step down from this labyrinth and intangible. My passion of learning English crave to overcome on this bafflement. My two brothers-eldest one draper and elder one confectioner in Ghorahi-have still encouraging on my mission. I am strongly realizing: Polishing the language is year in, year out proceedings.


  1. Try to get your grammar correct, rather than trying to sound sophisticated by using big words (in the wrong context). A good article is one that flows smoothly and is easy on the eyes. I'm sure this article has instances where you yourself don't know what you mean. Don't try to be what you are not.

  2. It should be all about propagation of precious knowledge and being able to share few moments of joy and sadness.
    Language is not a barrier to any of them, We do not "understand" what our domesticated animals say to us; however, we understand what they are saying.


  3. Nice Blog!! I think we can Learn English. If we follow the rules and study on the Blog.
    Great job..Thank you!!


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