Football (Soccer) before Arctic Blast: Below Freezing Point

It was last Sunday. Temperature of the day was ~ 14F. It was not that bad, if we compare the temperature of the same place in recent days. When everyone was inside their warm home celebrating vacation time with friends and family, we (Nepalese community in Laramie) choose to celebrate new year by playing outdoor football.

Venue: Curt Gowdy lake.
Elevation: 7,041 feet (2,146 meters)
Temp: 14oF

It was very cold. The game was played for half an hour. Undergrads played against grads and they secured  2 goals over 1. It was very fun although we couldn't play longer coz of cold.

Arctic blast has severely affected most part of the US this winter. Many states have seen temperature record in couple of decades and layers of snow. Even southern states like Florida and Texas have seen unusual cold. In this chill weather Nepalese Students in Laramie played football (soccer).

I showed you some pictures of the frozen lake doing ice fishing. Football ground was near by of the lake. See some of the photos taken during football game.
Playground: surrounded by snow, Frozen Curt Gowdy lake is on left side

Players busy with the ball: may be its a record of playing football below freezing point of water


  1. Lau lau badhai chha for setting record ;)

  2. Where is the lake in photo?

  3. NKM: thank u, not sure 4 da record
    Bidur: lake is not the foto, it is on the left side of the foto.


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