Ice Fishing: New Adventure In New Place

Ice fishing was totally a new experience to me. I remember my school science class where we had to asnwer a question like this-"Why can fish survive in a frozen lake? If I remember correctly, this question was important question. We knew the answer. But we didn't have the chance to see even in photo or in video. Today I had gone to Curt Gowdy lake, WY with friends. The lake was totally frozen with ~1.5 feet ice. It was very exciting and adventurous moment for me.

Curt Gowdy lake was full of ice on its surface. Ice on the lake was transparent.

I could see some crackes on the surface and it was very slippery. So, in the begining I was afraid to go into the lake. Later on I followed some other people.

Today's temperature was 14 degree F (-11 degree C).

First of all, a hole has to be drilled on the frozen ice surface. Once the hole is made, we see water. Ice is on the surface, fishes are inside water below the ice.

Drilling hole through Ice sheet

I borrowed a driller and fishing rod and tried ice fishing. Unfortunately, missed two fishes.

Ice Fishing

Photo: Shashidhar Belbase Thank you Shashi sir.


  1. Water has the highest density at 4C. Therefore, even if the surface is frozen, the lake may have liquid water below the sheet of ice.

    Thanks for sharing.


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