My Journey Begins Today

Mount Hood as seen from Portland Airport

I am writing from PDX-portland international airport. My journey starts today and I will be back at the end of July. After 23 months I am going to Nepal, which is my home country. I am kinda excited, nervous and so on. I am not getting right word(s) to express my feelings. I will see my family, relatives and friends after almost 2 years.

In these 2 years there has been great transformation of the country. From monarchy to republic now. From old Nepal to new Nepal. I was also involved in this transformation before I came to USA. Its a major change in the history of Nepal. But it is still in transition period. I hope it will be better than past. However the problems are still same. General strike, agitation by different groups, fuel crises, price hike etc along with garbage management problem in Kathmandu. Water scarcity in summer and winter, load shedding in electricity, network problem in telephone lines are the problems that came with "old Nepal". I might have to see and face Nepal banda or Kathmandu banda during my arrival in Kathmandu. I father wanted to come to Kathmandu (10 hours in bus ride from my birth place) to receive his only one son, but because of Nepal banda he canceled his trip and he is still trying to come to Kathmandu.

I will update my journey as far as possible with my feelings, some photos and possible some video clips. Deepak Bhandari, my MSc class mate will join me in LA airport. So I hope this journey won't be so boring. I have picked up two books namely: one by Barack Obama and another one by John Wood. I hope to enjoy the books. My flight is from PDX to LA to HK to Ktm. There is 12 hours transit time in Hong Kong.E 7 gate for United Airlines to LA

See you in nest post.

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  1. This article reflects current situation of Nepal because you have added valuable informations. Besides this, article also informs that writer is an excellent and expert on writing i.e. my dear friend Basant Giri.


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