I signed up for PPP!

This blog (from science to society) is signed up for PPP! And they have approved this blog. I heard about this-ppp through my friend’s blog and he is earning good amount of money through this (I hope so). This is payperpost. Isn't this fantastic idea? What a great idea to get paid. You post your blog item and depending on the material you cover you will be paid. You are postie.

I am writing blogs for almost a year. Sometimes I write about services, useful websites of my area, etc that I love. That helped those companies to sale and more traffic to their sites. But it was purely volunteering. Now time has been changed. No more volunteer!!!!!!!!!

This is a time of online shopping, marketing-online business. Actually everything is online these days. So you can also participate on it. Benefit for both parties. Customers get chance to know about the product or the business and advertisers get chance to advertise their product. And PayPerPost is an intersection. It connects bloggers to advertisers and vice versa.

Once you write a post about something interesting to you for some advertisers, then ppp reviews it. But your blog should be qualified for this. The qualifications are rank, blogger rank, RealRank and blog categories etc. So mainly you do sponsored blogging.

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