A memorable summer trip to Seattle, Washington

I visited one of the big cities of United States of America, Seattle, with my friends on second weekend of July. After coming to the USA, I had traveled to Reno, NV and San Francisco, CA. This is my second time visiting big cities of the USA. Corvallis, where I live, is a very small city and it does not give me a feeling that I am in USA. That's why I wanted to visit some of the big cities.

We were 9 people from Corvallis, Reno and Portland. Lekh, Krishna and Madhu traveled all the way from Reno. They drove all the way to Corvallis-Portland-Seattle. I, Kailash, Rama and Maya from Corvallis. Girish and Sarita joined us from Portland.

Just below the Space Needle
From left Maya, Sarita, Rama, Lekh(front),Kailash, Basant, Girish and Madhu

I want to mention three places in Seattle. The first is Space needle. It was made in 1962 and is 184 meters high (as I remember), it has a restaurant at the top. You can see whole City in 360 degree. The architecture of the needle is really nice. We were able to see the evening and night scene of the city from it. The city was beautiful in the night light.

Space Needle

From Top of the Space Needle to Downtown Seattle

Feri (?) riding and cruise riding were exciting to me. It was my first time to have such rides on sea bay area. It was real fun. The Feri took us to one of the islands from near by Farmers market. It was about 1.45 hours ride altogether.That was a big feri which could carry 2000 people and 200 cars. Next day, we took Cruise ride. That was 1 hour ride and they explained all about the city during the ride.

The third thing I want to mention is Museum of flight. It contains all the historical events/things about airplane and space shuttle. It is really a good place to visit and know about the history of plane/space industry. We didn't have enough time to see all the stuffs there. So I suggest you to save more time for Museum of flight if you are planning to visit it in near future.
First Nepali astronaut in Space...............do you believe it?

Other places we visited: Zoo, Science center, Aquarium, Pikes market. We didn't visit old city i.e. underground city area.

One more picture...
I don't know why these two girls were interested to take pictures with these Nepali guys.

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