Constituent Assembly Election Uncertain in Nepal

The much awaited constituent assembly election has been postponed by election commission after it received request from government, though the commission was fully prepared to hold the polls. The election was scheduled on November. This is the second time the election has been postponed. But the new date for the election has not been announced yet. This makes the constitution assembly election uncertain. Nepalese are waiting for 'Constituent assembly election' for more than half decade. There is a possibility of repeatation of history.

I was actively involed in the 'April movement'. There were two reasons. We were suffering from kings autocracy and moists armed struggle. We wanted to get rid of both of these. From that movement we had hope that moists would come to peaceful politics and a republic setup would be formed in the country. And constituent assembly would be held to legistilate all changes which would also re-structure the country.

This is sad to know about the future of the polls.

Who is responsible for it?
Nepali Congress or Maoists? I think both of them are responsible to postpone the election date.

What will be result of this decision?

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