No Divorce- Save environment

Are you single and getting ready to marry? Then thats good news. If you are already married then even don't think about divorce. Stay married. This will save our environment and earth. Divorce is bad not only for your children(if you have) and family but also for environment.

Higher divorce rates means it requires more houses for fewer people. More households means more energy expended to build, fuel, and provide water for them. Globally the number of households is increasing faster than the number of people. "Even in regions with declining population, we see substantial increase in the number of households. Divorce is the main reason for reducing the number of people in a household", says a report published in the proceedings of National Academy of Sciences.

So it comes out that life style, cultural aspects of the society is also responsible for the degradation of Environment. This is a clear indication that western society is more responsible for the degradation of the environment than the eastern society even when you talk from this angle.

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  1. i strongly disagree with "Are you single and getting ready to marry? Then thats good news." it never solves the problem that you have highlighted. 2*2=4 etc...this sort of proportion valid well to the society too. A mature couple produce un...countable and unnecessary factors that directly harm the society and hence the environment. The reproduction of the series of the filial generations is the current problem in China which makes shortage of the groom for the bride. don't you think it hampers the society and hence the environment too?
    if the groom get divorced, the second bride is ready for him which gives positive impact to her family and to the society too. Thus divorce can not be the predominant factor to increase the number of households. "One out, one in" , well balance!!!! isn't it? especially in China and Taiwan, divorce is demandable!!!! so come on !!!!!


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