Temporal trend of Power Use shows high in Winter

Power consumption is very important issue. In Nepal there is black out for 16 hrs in every 24 hrs because of power shortage. In developed countries like the USA also it is a matter of concern. For lower class and middle class families, power bill specially in winter, is a headache. Because of cold electricity is used to heat the house. I looked my own electricity for past one year and it shows power use is higher in colder months.
Fig: Shows the temporal trend of power use (kwh) in months in my apartment.

The figure above shows lowest use in August and highest in January. There are different ways to save power to lower your power bill. One way is to use CFL as a source of light. And careful use of heater to heat of your house. Because in winter most of the power is used for this.

I found this page useful to know how to save power money as well Environment. Here are some tips.

(1) Use space heaters to heat only the rooms you're in, rather than a central system that heats the whole house, and turning off the heat when you're not home.
(2) Replace regular light bulbs with compact fluorescents
(3) Turn off your computer when you're not using it
(4) Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot or warm

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