LG CU920: My experiences

I have been using LG's CU920 touchscreen mobile set for last 9 months. I liked it and still loving it. It is simple, small (easy to carry) and user friendly too. The main point for choosing this set was its touchscreen. It is giving me the feeling of using i-phone with less cost. It has many features like camera, email, internet, TV etc. Most important thing, it came free with new plan.

All of sudden, its touchscreen didn't work. I don't remember anything bad happened to it (was not dropped, no liquid spilled etc.). Only incoming calls could be received and other functions were totally not available for use. I couldn't make calls, look up phone numbers. I tried to fix it by removing smart chip and putting it back. I did same for battery but none of these worked.

I went to local at&t store to get help. They tried same thing as I mentioned above. Last option was to change set. I had one year warranty and because of that I got my phone replaced with new one. This is good for me :). But bad thing was I lost all data from the old one. I couldn't get it and transfer to the new one. All the phone numbers were lost. If I am not calling you, my friend I don't have your number. I am just waiting for your call to get your number. There are two reasons for not being able to get the numbers and data from the old set. First one is all the numbers were saved in music mode. The another was I did not save phone numbers and other data to the smartchip, instead they were directly saved into the set.

Anyway now I have new set functioning well and again enjoying it. If you have similar experiences, please share.

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