Fall Color in Corvallis, Oregon

It is already late to capture fall color in Corvallis. Fall in Corvallis is very beautiful. I was thinking to share some of the pictures since fall started and trees started to showing their colors.  I want to share some of the pictures taken today afternoon. Good news is that we have sunny days. 
This one was a result of trying to learn macro-photography. Still long way to go.

It's hard to capture fall color near the streets without capturing parked or moving vehicles. Colorful leaves are everywhere: on the tree branches and on the ground. It is a life process these trees has to go. Different stages in life. They are preparing for the worst winter.
Last one. Different colors. Depending on the type of tree color is different and life process is also different. We can learn lot of things from trees regarding the changes that come in our life.

Photos by Bidur Gautam. Please don't forget to drop comments.


  1. हाम्रो गाम मा नि हुन्छ एस्तो त। लालु पाते लाल भयो आज मेरो जोगी .......भन्नि सुनेको छैनस।

  2. Wow ! Beautiful...thanks for the pictures !

  3. वाह ! क्या दामी रहेछ !!!

    हिजों मात्रै २ क्लासमा पढने छोरीलाई उसैको किताबमा भएको 'रुखको पात हरीयो हुन्छ' भन्ने पाठ पढाएको थिएँ ....सब गलत रहेछ :)

    त्यहाँ त नीलो, सेतो, कालो, बैजनी र अरु रंगका पनि पात छन कि कसो ? :)

  4. It seems the West Coast have more foliage that turns to red in fall; compared to the predominant yellow foliages in Maryland.

  5. Awesome pictures! wonderful autumn - the season I like the most!

  6. @ Krishna: I don't thinks its lalupate, but i used to sing that song a lot.
    @ Shashi and NKM:thank you sir
    @ Dilip: Thank you, you are right.
    @ Deependra: Thank you. I also like this season.
    @ Prabesh: Thank you


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