Supporting Tourism Year in Nepal

Last December biodiversity people in Nepal organized an International Conference on Climate Change and Biodiversity in Kathmandu. Among the hundreds of participants, ~50 were from abroad. This year on March Nepalese chemists are hosting an International conference on advanced material (POLYCHAR 19) which is held in different places of the world. This will attract international participants at least in a number mentioned above. This is another way of getting more and more tourists in our country. The number of people coming to Nepal for such purpose might not be significant. However, these are the people who can have significant influence in their own society (both professional and social). If they are impressed they could send more people. In this respect such tourists are important. There is no doubt that our country is beautiful and it has lots of breath taking views and scenes. Professional meetings are organized such that participants could share their findings and have some good time from their routine work. Nepal could be a center place in this respect. Hundreds of similar international meetings/conferences can be organized. Nepalese professionals also get benefit from these meetings professionally.

Nepal is celebrating "Nepal Tourism Year 2011" this year hoping to receive at least 1000000 international tourists. Tourism is one of the main industry that brings foreign currency to Nepal. Thousands of people make their living in this industry. It has created lots of employment opportunities both skilled and non-skilled manpowers. 

I have traveled some tourist places in the US. You can find some blog posts related to my travel if you like to know. While in Nepal, it was difficult to go around the tourist destinations in the country because of time and money. Both are important and more than that the culture we had. I guess tour culture was not developed. Things have changed over time and tour culture has developed among young generation at least. I see these days it has been changed a lot. Internal tourists were not counted as tourists. Only those white skin were counted. This has to be changed. Internal tourists have important role in tourist industry.

I and my wife at World Peace Stupa, Pokhara, 2009
I have visited very few popular tourist destinations in Nepal. Our school used to organized tour to students. I had opportunity to be with tour team two time from my school. I remember those moments. For the first time we went for a 3 days tour when I was in 6th grade (I believe) and the second one was when I was just out from high school (right after SLC exam). Both times we visited Pokhara, Lumbini and Manakaamana temple. Since then I have been to Pokhara couple of times, Manakaamanaa temple three times so far. Last year spent one night in Nagarkot, close destination from Kathmandu. I think every part of Nepal has some tourist attractions. I have plans in my mind to visit some mountain regions of Nepal. I hope my plans will come true.

Watch this beautiful video describing touristic attractions in Nepal


  1. I appreciate it but still you are lacking some of the famous places.
    I am unhappy that you havent been(didnt cover in your article) in mid/farwest.
    The long suspension bridge joining dodhara/chandani to rest of Nepal, amazing karnali bridge, famous temples in farwest, karnali region ( ornament of Nepal) bardiya national reserve, suklaphanta,and so many so many......
    Dallas bro

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