Gupteshwor Cave in Pokhara: Amazing Cave

Walking inside the cave was not easy
By Susma

I would like to share my last years visit to Gupteshwor Mahadev Gupha (Cave) in Pokhara. The cave lies across the road on the southern side of Devi’s fall. There are two parts in the cave. The first part has a temple with cow statue which gives milk when fed with some money :) and the second part has the real cave. Being a resident of Pokhara, I have been to the first part of the cave i.e. upto the temple several times, but never been to the second part before. Last year in February, my father-in-law and mother-in-law came to visit Pokhara. One of the famous places we visited was Gupteshwor cave.

Cave wall
We were excited and moved towards the cave. Moving few stairs down, we entered inside the cave. It was pretty amazing. Water droplets were falling from the roof of the cave and stairs were steep. The air was warm inside. After moving about 5-7 stairs from the door, there was another small cave where there was a statue of a cow. When we put coins from a hole there, the cow gave milk. We had that as prashad. Then we moved in and after moving about 50-75 stairs, we reached the Gupteshwor temple. I couldn’t get the image of this part of the cave because photography was not allowed. However, we were allowed to take photographs from the second part of the cave.

Silver dots on the cave wall

After worshiping in the temple, we entered to the second part. The path was narrow and roof was low. We had to bent while walking through. After walking like this for a while, we came to a broad part of the cave. Ah, we were very much amazed. The golden and silver blushes on some parts of the wall along with the beach-sand like appearance of the floor lured me.

When we moved forward, we came across a steep metal stair. After moving 14 steps downward from the stair, we moved towards the water fall coming from Devi's fall. We touched the cold water from the fall and were happy for that. We could see light after moving such a distance through the cave. Staying there and wondering for a while, we had to go to other places, so we returned back.

Cave wall

Close to Devi's fall through cave

Stairs inside the cave
This is one of the best tourist destinations in Pokhara. Don't miss to see it.

All pics by Susma

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