World Peace Stupa (Chinese Gumba), Pokhara Tour

These days I am not able to post regularly on this blog. In this post, lets do a virtual tour of world peace stupa of Pokhara. To my best knowledge, local people say Chinese Gumba and some say Japanese Gumba although it was made by major grant by Japan. I went to this place on December of 2009 with my wife. It was a wonderful visit and I suggest everyone to visit place if you are around Pokhara by any chance. This place has become a popular tourist (both domestic and international) destination in recent years. 

Boating on Phewa lake is exciting and nice. From lake side we crossed the Phewa lake and
hiked to the Gumba on the top of the hill.

Gumba is on the south side of Phewa lake on the ridge of the mountain. There are two routes to it. There is a  rough  motor road to it. But we decided to cross the Phewa lake by boating and hiking to the top of the mountain ridge. Boating may take 30 min or you can take your time to reach to the other side of the lake. From there hiking up hill through the jungle may take 1-2 hrs. It took about 2 hrs for us-talking, talking and talking, watching back towards Phewa lake and Phokhara city. Fish tail mountain is also there. Weather was not so clear that time so we couldn't see the beautiful mountain clearly-visibility was not very good.
This is the beautiful stupa at the top of the hill
We stayed there around 2 hours. There is a beautiful garden infront of the Stupa with some rest benches. Because it is on the top of the hill, one could see beautiful view of Pokhara valley. One of the remarkable views that we could see from this place was the para gliding from Sarangkot.  There were so many colorful para gliders flying on the sky right above the Phewa lake. This is what I wanted to do but because of time constraint it was not possible. We returned back to the Phewa lake through same route and boated to the lake side by ourselves.  


  1. It is called Japanese Gumba, not Chinese. It was made with Japanese aid. thank you for sharing the experiences.

  2. Chinese or Japanese or Nepali (Technology by Arniko) ?

  3. @ Chaitanya jee and Bishnu jee: I didn't look into who made this stupa. Just followed what local people were saying. Thank you for your inputs.

  4. The picture of stupa uploaded is not the one situated over there.I live in pokhara so m damn sure about it. So Before uploading..do check photos twice.


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