A Virus Walks Into A Bar:Science Comedy

When a virus walks into a bar, what would the bartender do? On the other way: you are a bartender and a 'neutrino' enters the bar and says 'hi' to you. There are very few science comedy videos and professionals in the market. As scientists are celebrating this year as International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011), there are many more stuffs coming out about chemistry and science. Watch this video, the comedian talks something on science.


Gupteshwor Cave in Pokhara: Amazing Cave

Walking inside the cave was not easy
By Susma

I would like to share my last years visit to Gupteshwor Mahadev Gupha (Cave) in Pokhara. The cave lies across the road on the southern side of Devi’s fall. There are two parts in the cave. The first part has a temple with cow statue which gives milk when fed with some money :) and the second part has the real cave. Being a resident of Pokhara, I have been to the first part of the cave i.e. upto the temple several times, but never been to the second part before. Last year in February, my father-in-law and mother-in-law came to visit Pokhara. One of the famous places we visited was Gupteshwor cave.


World Peace Stupa (Chinese Gumba), Pokhara Tour

These days I am not able to post regularly on this blog. In this post, lets do a virtual tour of world peace stupa of Pokhara. To my best knowledge, local people say Chinese Gumba and some say Japanese Gumba although it was made by major grant by Japan. I went to this place on December of 2009 with my wife. It was a wonderful visit and I suggest everyone to visit place if you are around Pokhara by any chance. This place has become a popular tourist (both domestic and international) destination in recent years. 

Boating on Phewa lake is exciting and nice. From lake side we crossed the Phewa lake and
hiked to the Gumba on the top of the hill.