Recent Snow Fall Events in Laramie

Today afternoon this part of US (Laramie, 82070) saw ~2-3'' of snow fall and weather prediction is showing more snowfall later this week. We had 1-2'' snowfall earlier last week. I still remember the winter of 2010 here in Laramie. Laramie was covered with upto ~1' snow for long time. Even last year we had worst winter somewhere during last week of January. This year it is significantly different weather pattern. We saw early snowfall in first week of October and 2nd snow fall was during first week of November. Unusually this winter's Christmas was not a white. Very unusual. Sometimes I feel like this is not winter. The temp goes upto 50F. Feels like you are somewhere summer time. I was in lab today when snowfall started. Happy, happy but it caused little bit of difficulty while driving back home. 

Video below was taken during first snow fall of the season. This video was also in previous post on this blog.

Some people think this unusual phenomenon may be due to climate change but I believe it is very early and need more evidences to reach into a conclusion. This "no snow" pattern has been seen through out the US this season. Typical winter in this part of US is the one during which it is covered with at least half a feet of snow for ~1-2month and then few inches for ~4-5months. I am thinking about the possibility of huge snowfall in later part of the winter season. I love to see the weather pattern as it should be. like lots of snow in Laramie in winter.

Below are some photos of today's snow fall.

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