Wyoming-Utah-Nevada-California-Arizona-Wyoming loop

I was out of town for past 2 weeks or so. That’s why you have not seen any activities here. However, I have brought plenty of blogging material for you. Not sure how much time would allow me to write. In last week of July, I travelled to make a loop covering Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona and California. You can see my road trip on the photomap. I am not going to tell you everything  about the trip in this post rather I will highlight the route and major attractions, so that it may give you some idea if you are planning similar road trip on this area.

  1. I picked up my friend and his wife from DIA and drove them to Laramie, Wyoming.
  2. Our road trip began from Laramie, WY early morning. I took them via scenic highway 130. This highway takes through snowy mountain range which is close to Laramie and is one of the major attractions here. Windy, narrow road in the mountain. Can see beautiful lakes and mountain scenery. Finally we merged into I 80 and reached Salt Lake City (SLC), Utah.
  3. Our hotel was near airport. SLC was not our major focus. We called our friends and let them lead the local tour. We just had couple of hours to spend. They took us to the Capitol Hill building, the mountain. From this mountain, one can see whole SLC and the salt lake. Came down to Temple Hill, spent some time there and went up to the University of Utah campus drive through tour. Had dinner at friend’s house. Went to hotel ~11pm.
  4. Day 2 started early morning. Drove ~6 hrs to Vegas. Right after leaving SLC, saw beautiful Utah lake. Other than that there was not much to enjoy. Reached hotel in downtown (middle of downtown and strip). After refreshing, team headed to the strip area. Parked car on “Caesar Palace” hotel. Parking in this hotel is free and the location is ~middle of the strip section Vegas. Spent much time before lights started to come in this hotel casino. It was really fun. One recommendation: reserve hotel little bit away from downtown, drive to this free parking place and enjoy your night. This way you can save $$ on hotels. 
  5. Day 3 started heading towards Los Angeles. Because LA is ~6 hrs away from Vegas, we decided to visit Huntington Beach. Spent couple of hours on the beach. Our destination was at San Diego. Driving on the side of Pacific Ocean was a real fun. If you have more time, you can visit zoo and water world in SA.
  6. Day 4 was mostly spent on Universal studio. We reached there ~9am and came out ~6pm. Finished most of the shows and rides except transformer. If time permits, one can spend couple of more days in LA. Stayed at Bristo, CA that night. We were not sure where to stay and because of that had not booked hotel. I called hotel.com and asked the guy to book a hotel for me. It worked. Alternatives: can call directly to the hotel, may save some extra $$$. 
  7. Day 5 was driving through Grand Canyons. Visibility was not the best but saw most of the canyons. You could spend more time if you are interested in helicopter ride, hiking, biking etc. Stayed at Blanding, UT that night. Also booked hotel via hotel.com. 
  8. Day 6 was just driving on I 70 most of the days. Saw bit of Arches NP. Came across beautiful mountains on Colorado which has best sky locations and corresponding towns. Finally arrived Denver downtown and then to DIA.

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