CrowdFunding a Science Project in Nepal

We have initiated a crowd-funding campaign to support chemistry education and research in Nepal. This campaign will raise enough (hope so) money to buy a double beam UV-Vis spectrometer for Mahendra Morang Adarsh Multiple Campus (MMAMC) of Tribhuvan University in Biratnagar, Nepal.    

In recent years crowd-funding has become a popular tool to generate funding for various purposes including education and research. We want to use this tool to raise money that will help our friends at MMAMC buy a modern UV-Vis spectrometer to be used for teaching and research. 

In past 13 days we have raised $1092 from 20 contributors. With this rate, I hope to raise enough money to buy  the instrument from Indian manufacturer. Thank you to all supporters of this cause. 

This campaign is taking good shape in social media with 214 shares in Facebook.

Details of this campaign is given in this link:

Now the number of contributors per day is increasing too.

If you want to make some impact, please make some donation. Your small contribution will be a great help. 

In 2009 we had completed a fund raising project that supported central department of chemistry (CDC), Tribhuvan University in Kathmandu to buy a multi-media projector and a laptop. That time we just used Facebook and paypal as tools. But this time we are using FundRarz website hoping to make things easier and reach to more people. 

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