9 photos of smallest creation in history || art meets nano science

Human on human hair
Science is beautiful.

This is what happens when artists and scientists work together. Here are some photos produced by artist Jonty Hurwitz and nano-scientist  Stefan Hengsbach. These beautiful photos are the smallest sculptures of human form in our history.

As a reference, human hair is 10-100 microns in diameter. And, 1 millimeter is 1000 microns. Naked female sculpture in above SEM image is about 80 x 100 micron in size. Just to get a feeling, our finger nail grows about the same size in  5 hours.

Human on eye of a needle
These microscale sculptures seen as SEM images were created using a 3-D printing technique called multi photon lithography where a laser is focused on a photosensitive liquid polymer. The laser light is very intense at the focal point that the polymer can absorb two photons at the same time and makes the polymer solidify.  

Full version of human on human hair
To create this art, they photographed a female model from hundreds of angles to generate the digital “blueprint” to use in lithography.
Behind the scene creating the blue print with model
More Photos:

On the head of an ant

Head of an ant

Compare the size of sculpture with human sperm

The intensity

The intensity 2

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