Mid April Snowfall in Wyoming #OnePlusOne #Photoblog

UW campus infront of Union
It snowed really hard past couple of days closing Cheyenne to Laramie section of interstate 80 (I 80) for two days. Yesterday, there was multiple vehicle collision at Harriman Road exit in I 80 involving ~50 vehicles.

University of Wyoming closed its regular business at noon today, very rare decision in its history-I guess.

Laramie is on a high plain between two mountains at 2184 m above see level. Average high temperature of April in this area is 10.6 and average low is -4.1 deg Celsius. Average snowfall of this month is 24.1 cm.

Here are some photos I took around campus using OnePlus phone camera. [click on the photo for bigger high resolution view]
A giant #Snowman 
Click below for more photos

Snow covered bikes
Snow covered outdoor benches
It may have snowed more than a feet
Looks beautiful just before the spring/summer
Towards Ivinson

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  1. I have a love affair with Wyoming - there's something about the open spaces. My best friend lives in Ft. Collins & they've had snow the last 2 days too. Down south - just lots & lots of rain.


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