In Memory: Historical Heritage Sites Before #NepalQuake2015 [photo]

Recent #NepalQuake (7.8 magnitude) killed thousands of people, completely destroyed thousands of houses and many historically important structures-some of them were #UNESCO heritage sites. Lets hope our government will restore these temples in coming years.

For now, some photos of these sites while I visited them before the quake.
[all pictures taken by me]

Kathmandu (Basantapur) Durbar Square is completely gone.

One view of Kathmandu Durbar Square [photo taken: 2008]

Old buildings with some gift shops around Kathmandu Durbar Square [photo taken: 2008]

One temple in Basantapur Durbar Square [photo taken: 2008]

There is not much damage in Pashupatinath Temple compared to other historical localities.

Pashupatinath temple area seen from Guheshwori [photo taken: 2012]
Lets roam around Patan Durbar Square in Lalitpur. This is also a UNESCO heritage site.

One view of Patan Durbar Square [photo taken: 2014]

Patan Durbar Square-UNESCO Heritage Site. Temple on right is 17th century Krishna Temple completely made of stone. This stone temple is still standing tall.
[photo taken: 2014]

Another view of Patan Durbar Square [photo taken: 2014]
The iconic white tower known as Dharahara- originally built in 1834 was completely broken down. Many people died who were inside this 9 story tower and around.

Dharahara originally built in 1834 [photo taken in 2008]

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