Wildlife of Chitwan National Park [photo blog]

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal and a UNESCO world heritage site. This national park has about 700 species of wildlife including 68 species of mammals; more than 500 species of birds. 

In this post, I want to share with you some of the most commonly seen wildlife from this National Park-taken in June this year.

One horned Rhino (@Giri Photo 2016)
Langur Monkey
Peacocks (@Giri Photo 2016)
Sambar deer (@Giri Photo 2016)
Rhino horn (@Giri Photo 2016)
One of the four types of deer found in this park (@Giri Photo 2016)
Elephant Safari is popular here
This Rhino lost its horn-naturally? (@Giri Photo 2016)
Tortoise (@Giri Photo 2016)
Wild boar (@Giri Photo 2016)
All photos taken by myself.

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