17 children from same parents in Arkansas, USA

Everyday I start my work by checking email and looking at news all around the world. Yesterday morning in the lab, my eyes got stuck on this news. I have heard many news related to the number of children in underdeveloped countries. This happens in the place from where I am from. May not be to the same number. In my village there is a family known as "Kanchha jyoti". This is the name of the family by which villagers call them. I know they have about 1 dozen children. In some places some family have more than this number.

My fathers youngest uncle had 9 children. Now all of them are grown up and doing good in their professional life. My mothers uncle had akin number of children. My guess is their first kid was born about at least 5 decades ago and youngest was born about 3 decades ago. At that time they didn't have the facility of family planning that's why they were compelled to give birth to so many children. Even these days some parents have about half dozen children. This is because they are not sensitive to the result of their kid's future or they don't have excess to contraceptives. One more reason is that due to some social miss-conception and due to religious belief athey need their son at the time of their last mourning work. So, hoping to get son, many mothers are forced to give birth to many daughters. This is the situation of developing countries or under developed villages. But here in USA why some crazy people want and give birth to so many children? Its a big  surprise  for me.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave birth their latest kid "Jennifer Danielle" Thursday morning. They have now 17 kids, all alive. According to AP news "after Jennifer Danielle was born, her parents already were talking about having more children". hummm....how many more u want huh? Michelle Duggar said-We'd love to have more. Michelle Duggar, mother of 17 kids is now 40 years old. Their oldest child is 19 and the youngest, before Jennifer, is almost 2 years old with two sets of twins. This shows that they have 17 children in 19 years. Interesting to note here is family has gone through about 90,000 diapers, and Michelle Duggar has been pregnant for 126 months — or 10.5 years — of her life. She is like child producing machine.
But why they want more kids makes me curious."We are just so grateful to God for another gift fr om him," said Jim Bob Duggar to AP. "We are just so thankful to him that everything went just very well." This indicates that they strongly believe in god and they are happy with the number of kids. They don't want to use contraceptives to get more god gifts. They might have thought they are so lucky than other couples because "god" is always in favor of them giving so many children. And others are not having many kids because god is not in favor of the unlucky ones.

I talked with my lab mates about this news. How do they think and what is their response to this news? Jill was concerned about the education of the kids. Because education in US is vary expensive and how the family could get money for the schooling of all kids.

No body cares about others in the US and all are independent to take their own decision. Some have no kids and family like this have huge number of kids.

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  1. "No body cares about others here in US and all are independent to take their own decision." This is how they areprogressing and nepalese...............damn backbiting groups. Though its an interesting news. Nepalese are like this: "Once Japan wanted to import frogs from Nepal to do some tests in the biological labs there! The frogs were packed in sacks alive and loaded in trucks. When the trucks reached the port,the sacks containing the frogs were transferred to boats there. Finally the boats were unloaded in the coast of Japan ! Surprisingly, the sacks were found open while they were unloaded from the boats. The frogs in the sacks were counted and the number was intact !!!
    A commission was made to investigate why the frogs hadn't jumped into the sea even if the mouths of the sacks were open. The investigation found that the Nepalese frogs were really smart. The outer frogs in the sacks saw the water in the sea and they made effort to jump into the sea but the frogs at the back were much more smart and they pulled the legs of the front ones and so on. So none of the frogs could jump out of the sacks!."

  2. Thank you for such a interesting news


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