Welcome in US

Every year hundreds of Nepali students come to US for their further study. Among them at least ~80 are graduate students. This is my tentative figure. Nobody knows exact data, even the Government of Nepal. Very few undergraduates get scholarship/free ship and most of them don't get that opportunity. Only getting VISA is great for their departure to the so called dreamland of many people. Actually this is a dreamland. Life is very hard without funding. A very handful students get funding from home back in Nepal otherwise others do hard work to make money for their living, tuition fee and others. Ok, lets leave this matter here. I will write about this in depth later on.

And welcome to graduate students!

All graduate students get either teaching assistantship(~95% at the beginning) or research assistantship which includes fee waive and stipend. They don't need to worry about economic problems. You can have American standard life (with your family). Some are even able to save some money from the stipend- thats great.

My friend Nabin has written on his blog that approximately there are 25 new comers in physics. And in chemistry about 30. I have talked to some of them to make approximation. How many in mathematics? Some body from the same subject can tell. Some are from geology, agriculture & veterinary, engineering etc. This number is huge number from a country like Nepal. We have only Tribhuvan University to produce Masters in almost all science streams. In case of chemistry intake every year is 90. This year ~30 came to US and others in other countries for M.S or PhD. So about 40-50% go abroad every year.

You have got new life in a sense and it is challenging as well. Any you made it. Congratulations! to all of you and welcome once again. I wish all the best to everyone in future.


  1. "The picture of America"
    How does the new comers find their dream-land?
    I think we should also request some of them to write as guest in our blogs.

  2. I agree with your view. If you know someboby who can write about it please let the bloger know. It would be great.


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