From Castro to Castro

After his elder brother, Fidel, announced his retirement, Raul Castro is the new president of Cuba. The younger Castro has headed Cuba's caretaker government in the 19 months since then, and Fidel Castro has not appeared in public. Fidel ruled Cuba for half century fighting with frustrated efforts of 10 US presidents to oust him from the power.

This change will not make any significant difference in the political system in Cuba. The U.S. has said the change from one Castro to another would not be significant, calling it a "transfer of authority and power from dictator to dictator light." There is no election in Cuba and people have no right to choose their leaders.

There are very few countries that support Cuban government. In Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez reaffirmed his economic and political support of Cuba when he took a telephone call from Raul Castro after he become president. Chavez scoffed at the idea of a transition in Cuba, saying "the transition occurred 49 years ago," from U.S.-dominated capitalism to socialism.

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