Obama verses Hillari

Today Barack Obama has won three more states in the battle to become a nominee in the presidential election from Democratic party. Obama and Hillari are two competitors for the nomination from Democratic party. Analysts say Obama is neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in the nationwide battle.

Hillary Clinton is running strongly among women, Hispanics, and less well-off voters, while Barack Obama has the edge among African Americans, younger voters, and more affluent and college-educated Democrats.

Mr. Obama: Hope for new generation

I had talked with one retired white american about his candidate couple of weeks ago. He said he even didn't think about republicans. Between Clinton and Obama, he gave preference to Mr. Obama. According to him he is a hope for the future of America. And one important point he had mentioned is Hillari is in politics for three decades and she is surrounded by different lobby groups. So she would work for those groups and not for the benefit of American people. But Mr Obama is new to this field.

Ms Clinton: From First lady to first woman president

At the same moment I thought he could also be surrounded by those groups when he would become president. In my opinion its the system not the person. I don't know how many Americans think like this. One of my college friend in department of chemistry and his wife also are the supporters of Mr Obama.

Here is the different case. Nepalese in the US are supporters of Ms Hillari. They are campaigning for her by making a slogan " Nepali for Hillar-Hillari for Nepali".

Whoever be nominated by democratic party will become the president of USA if anything won't happen surprising. Hillari will be first women president and Obama will be first black president of USA. So both are racing for making history.

Nepali support for Ms Clinton

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