Science and technology to be promoted

Kantipur Report
KATHMANDU, Sept 19 - To check the brain-drain of the indigenous scientists and technologists, Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai in his budget speech said, programmes will be launched to encourage them to engage in innovative and outcome-oriented research works grounded on appropriate proposals.Moreover, a national lab will be set up under National Academy for Science and Technology (NAST) with a view to expediting the studies and researches in area of science and technology.The fifth National Science Conference to be participated by about 1200 scientists from within the country and abroad will be convened in Kathamandu. National Information Bank will be established with a view to protecting important public information from catastrophe and anthropogenic accidents. Rs. 230 millions is allocated for construction of building of this bank in the current fiscal year.
For increasing access of rural people to the modern information technology, Rs. 57.5 million has been allocated for additional 175 tele-centres in rural communities, schools and post offices.
Programmes for establishing one tele-centre in each Village Development Committee will be launched gradually, Minister Bhattarai said in his speech.
Arrangement will be made to forecast and disseminate the chances of catastrophic floods induced by heavy rain and ice lake explosion. A well-equipped Climate Change Research Centre will be established to carry out studies on the impacts of climate change in the development of water resources, hydroelectricity, agriculture and environment.

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