Snow Fall in Corvallis

Corvallis has witnessed a week long snow fall so far this year. This doesn't typically happen in Corvallis. I remember last year and the year before last year. The snow didn't last for more than 24 hours. Normally Corvallis gets rain during entire winter rather than sun and snow. But this year less rain, more snow, low temperature.

This year it started late last Sunday and it is white all the days of the week and going to be like this at least next half week.

I took this picture while going to School this morning. It looks very beautiful, everywhere white and today it was sunny. I liked it. But this situation for long time doesn't make life easy. It drastically reduced the traffic on the road and then people. Homeless people had difficult time.

If you want to see more snow pictures from my camera and have facebook profile, visit the link below. I have uploaded some pictures on my facebook album.



  1. चिसो भएपनि, निक्कै रमाइलो होला नि त !
    हैन र ???


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