Evergreen Pines or Decidious Maples?

Photo was taken yesterday in the University premises. Beautiful spring has already started in most part of the US but this place still has snow and snow fall occurring. In the picture you can see two types of trees. First type are evergreen pine trees-with full of green leaves. On the right side you see two trees without leaves.

Pine trees are always like that. They are green all the time no matter what season it is. Looking from outside we don't see difference on the tree in summer and in winter or spring and in fall. It looks always the same. Monotonous life. No change throughout life period. They resist and adopt any changes that comes to the nature.

On contrast to above, we can see the changes that comes to the life of trees on the right side of the picture.  These days they don't have leaves and are waiting for spring. No leaves in winter, spring brings flowers and new leaves, inf fall all leaves fall down for the preparation of winter. To adopt the different seasons in a year, change must come.

My question to you: One: has no change in life. Always same but resists all hurdles that come across in life. Two: has changes in life. It has to change itself to tackle the hurdles that come across in life. Which one do you prefer? Share your opinion on the comment box below.


  1. Both evergreen pines and deciduous maples show the beauty and strength of nature. But if I have to choose one of them, I will go for evergreen pines because I like consistency :)

  2. I prefer the life with changes, we need to change in life with time so that we can updated with new things and it does not make our life monotonous.

  3. Learning is good.
    Change brings learning.
    Change is good.

  4. thats wat life is all about sir..we dont see the cry in happiness and vice versa..both of these plants must have gone through hard, bitter times..so its our capacity, inner strengths and guts that leads us to go beyond our struggles..and these are normatives of life..changing instances of life..and enjoying it as per our capcity and willings and struggling at bad times in the hope of good days..


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