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Life is all about change. There are ups and definitely downs too. Everyone (living creatures-plants and animals) has to have all these changes in the complete life cycle. I was just thinking about the plants which have to go through different stages even in a single year. They have to adjust their life according to the change that comes to the nature. And, selected some of the pictures that I took in Corvallis in the year of 2008. These pictures are taken at the same place or very close. This could be a lesion to us.

This picture was taken in December (12/19/2008), representing winter. Even though this place sees snow for couple of days in a year, these plants have to adopt this situation.

This represents close to spring time. Picture was taken in March (3/10/2008). These trees don't have leaves yet for this year. Leaves are trying to get out.

This time is for spring in Corvallis. Picture was taken after 2 weeks than previous picture in March (3/24/2008). This step in their life is very important (others are important too). It looks beautiful to us.

This picture was taken in September (9/26/2008). This is how they look like in normal time.

Now the fall starts. This was taken in late October (10/20/2008). They are preparing for winter. Leaves are colorful and look very beautiful to us. We enjoy looking at them. But they are going through a major change in their life, which happens every year.

This one was taken in November (11/11/2008). This is what happens in preparation of winter. All leaves are on the ground and trees are naked by now.

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  1. So nice pictures with descriptions Basant Sir !

  2. साह्रै राम्रो फोटोग्राफी । निकै सुन्दर लाग्यो।


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