Street lights, Moon and Night Photography

Here are some pictures taken at night. I had OLYMPUS FE240/X795 camera. It is very simple camera. Lights in the night are fantastic. When I was returning from school, I took these pictures.I am not expert in photography and don't have very good camera for night photography. Just tried my best to capture street lights, moon etc and want to share with you..

Street lights

 This one was infront of the building hiding by tree.

This is moon. Believe or NOT

 This is the same strret, focusing whole street instead of one side as in the previous picture. You can see lights on both sides of the street. And also the while light on the top is MOON.

Just focusing one street light which is very close to the tree and on the left there is one big tree.

Same street and same lights. Taken close to one light and covering all lights.

Contrast of some pictures were manipulated to have them look better using windows live photo gallery.


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