Travelling ~1800km this weekend-enjoying long drive

Long drive started yesterday morning and will end probably tomorrow night. By the end of this trip, I will travel ~1800km on the US highways. Shashidhar Belbase and Rajendra Mahat are with me. This is my first trip of such kind. Long drive it self is fun. We really enjoyed our trip to Vermillion, SD yesterday and hoping more fun tomorrow's back trip through different route.

We crossed state of Nebraska almost from west to east (position A to B in the above picture). Our decision not to go through Omaha was right. We drove through highways 80, 14, 50's which run through farm lands in Nebraska. When we started our journey from Laramie, WY, it was snowy little bit not green much. Going to Colorado and then Nebraska had different landscape and geography. I liked specially the landscape of Nebraska. It looked same everywhere we came across. All green, corn farm, cow farms, farming tools and storage houses.
Somewhere in Nebraska.


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