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What are the similarities between FIFA world cup and a PhD program? Lets see the cartoon below.

It is quite interesting. FIFA world cup is still going on and some unexpected results are also coming. In spite of the noise from vuvuzela many people around the globe are really busy watching it. Lets hope the trophy will go to the team who really deserves it. I am not crazy about the world cup. This time I have watched 2 matches so far. Most of my friends are watching without missing even a single match. Yesterday Lekhnath was asking me about watching the games and I replied I am not. Then his response was: When will you watch? That was good question. Because this game comes once in every four years. This was because of the life of a graduate student. I am not able to get time to watch all games.

Sometimes I go through PhD comics website. It has a huge collection of cartoons related to graduate school. Many of them really match everyday and long term life of a graduate/PhD student. Being a PhD student things mentioned in the comics come across my life as well. Below are some of them. If you want to see more you can go to the original site.

 This may be true in some aspect.

I think this is very true.

This is also true.

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